The Big Shillong Momos

The big momo of Shillong is amazingly delicious. There’s a lot of difference in taste between the minced and chunks stuffing of momos.

May 29, 2019 - 13:25
The Big Shillong Momos
The Big Shillong Momos. Image Credit: Manish Paul


Ever since, I left Shillong, one thing that l missed from this city is the big fat Shillong Momos. 

As tall and as big as the size of a palm! Cutting into this with a knife is like digging out a portion of hills with a spade, and a disturbed hill (read the stuffing inside) slides, tumbles as in landslide. When this cut portion goes into the mouth, there’s an amazing bursts of flavour – meaty, juicy, spicy, a superb combination of all.

The big shillong momos

What is best about this big momo is that you get a bite of the chunks of the stuffing inside –chicken or pork, diced onions, cabbage – you get the taste of everything. There’s a lot of difference in taste between the minced and chunks stuffing. Minced momos can be deceptive. I found soya (nutrela) minced camouflaging as minced chicken momos in some momo stalls in Delhi.

Coming back to Shillong, the best big momo I ever had was in the small cafe, Spot Communications, popularly known as Spot Com, just in front of St.Anthony’s College, Shillong. Then in 2004-05, at only Rs.12, we got a big size steaming hot MOMO. It was big enough to keep myself running for the day. Its taste and memory still lingering, I am craving for it while writing down this tribute to the Big MOMO.

If you have not tried the Big Momo yet, treat yourself at one of these restaurants.

The Wok Restaurant at Nongrimbah

Bamboo Hut at Police Bazaar

Shangrila at Laitumkhrah








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