Operation Thirst Aid Helping Animals beat Summer Heat

Operation Thirst Aid campaign is quenching the thirst of the stray animals and birds by installing 'Automatic water dispenser system’ across Guwahati. thenevibes.com

May 28, 2019 - 05:41
Operation Thirst Aid Helping Animals beat Summer Heat
Automatic water dispenser system installed across Guwahati. Source - Facebook/Animals Need Importance Mercy Aid Love & Shelter

Operation Thirst Aid Helping Animals beat Summer Heat


As much as we are worried about the soaring mercury level, think how the animals feel in the summer. They too reel under the adverse effects of the scorching heat. As the water bodies dry up and no shades, birds and animals lying unconscious on the ground due to heatstroke is a commmon sight in summer.

Operation Thirst Aid a noble act, indeed

Source: Facebook/Animals Need Importance Mercy Aid Love & Shelter

‘Operation Thirst Aid’ came in to provide a little relief and quench the thirst of the stray animals and birds. If you spot an ‘Automatic water dispenser system’ across Guwahati, that’s the noble act of a few people who truly love and care animals.

‘Operation Thirst Aid’ campaign is a joint initiative of Special Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Government of Assam Dr. Abhijit Rabha, Nature Care And Tourism Education Foundation, a Wildlife protection organisation headed by Rhino Man Julin Boruah, and an ambitious organisation URONIYA MOU, and ANIMALS (Animals Need Importance Mercy Aid Love & Shelter).

Source: Jayanta Mazumdar

The campaign was launched at the zoo road, opposite of Guwahati Central. These water dispensers have been installed in various parts of Guwahati, including Raigarh, Birubari and Gandhi Basti to fulfil the water requirements of street animals and birds. More will be installed at various other places.

However, there’s always someone who will cause hindrance to such good act. The disheartening part is the banner and the 'Automatic water dispenser system' installed at the opposite road of Guwahati Central have been stolen or displaced by some unknown person or authority. The team discovered this theft when they went back to refill fresh water. Already two water systems have been missing.

It takes a lot of effort and vision to come out with such an idea, and to implement that idea itself takes tremendous physical effort, time and needless to say, money! We all should encourage and help them in whichever way possible. And to those who have stolen the water systems, you could help by returning them back.








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